International Tabletop Day 2017

Gnome wizards with magnificent spell deflecting headgear. Jungle speed totems flying around the room. Lots of laughs. Fun people. ITTD 2017 @ Funbase in a nutshell. :)

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Saturday, April 29th

Open: 14:30 - 00:00

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€15,– Ticket price

Pay by card

Gamers rejoice!

April 29th is International Tabletop Day! :D

Obviously we're going to celebrate this joyous day with a community event of our own. Join us and come play some board, card, miniature- and dice games with fun people from the Amsterdam area. Not just tabletop games though! Take a break and dive into the ball pit, engage in a NERF battle or play some video games on our large gaming beamer.

PS. You're welcome to bring your own game(s) if you want! :)


This adult play center may lead to swollen creativeness, acute discovery of hidden talents, negativity loss, sudden onset of friendship, excessive idea formation and increased mental rejuvenation.

Board games
Card games
Nerf-gun battles
Live games
Huge ball pit
Console games
"The people were really nice and invited us right in. The games are fun and it was just a really cool atmosphere!"

Who's going?

Check out who's going to the event on Saturday the 29th of April 2017. Want to join? Then sign up before it's too late! We can host for up to 40 people.

Kai Brouwer
Robin Brouwer
Seb Jansen

People who signed up are into:

Sushi GO
League of Legends
Exploding Kittens
Cards Against Humanity
Secret Hitler
Playerunknown's Battlegrounds
Deception: Murder in Hong Kong
Mario Kart 8
Jungle Speed
Super Mario
Dying Light

People who signed up via

You can also sign up for this event via RSVP

The program

Our International Tabletop Day event is open for anyone aged 18 and older. Doors open at 14:30, but you're free to join in later if you want.


Doors open

Don't worry if you can't make it from the start. You're welcome to join in later if that works better for you.



Join us for a delicious home cooked meal. The menu will be revealed on the day of the event.


Party over

Well... we could always do one more game if you guys are up for it? :)

Dress to play

Equip your most comfy kit. Something you'd wear at home on a lazy day. Here are some ideas:

Equipment helmet 268caba56e8ee3b849564d5327479cbb6657baeb3669e01530306f9cdb3165fc Equipment trinket 65493f1802492e210fbe05208462b3c45853770a6b6e29a9e3dcc26ff7a62324 Equipment chest hover 739c99e15b4a9c6da76f8e56f774e4b5d0d1ea28644adea3689e5cd01b30b11f Equipment pants 51a051a736ae15ab3534b0df780e43f29d0f03d2a041d7bd7d3e6205058d6165 Equipment boots a3fc4e6d618b06d1e084d286f8c70663f1005fb576f8e3425e6e1a120b8bbcb7 Equipment weapon e9f76f4115b6ca65450ce05b2fd9d144bad14c7f2569cf6f47d8244857b16f4a Equipment bracers 18f87af29bf0dfb92bdd46d548e8571ea16110d5be27d5e2fdbf18b0deb88a5b Equipment inventory 53292bacda6e5b7036e60488ecb4020a66eff997a18dcad033f0c467a1f48354

Crown of Chill

Legendary helm
230 armor
+34 intellect
Equip: You look very cool
"Such fashion! So impress! WOW!"
- Fashion doge
Requires level 18

The Locker Unlocker

Legendary trinket
+50 intellect
"Keep your valuables secret. Keep them safe."
- Gandalf the Grey
Requires level 18

Comfyweave Chestguard

Legendary chest
480 armor
+95 agility
+40 intellect
"Taketh off when actively playeth. Bringeth thy sport shirt."
Requires level 18

Sweatpants of the Tiger

Legendary pants
250 armor
+95 agility
+20 stamina
"Better than Sweatpants of the Duck. Just look at Donald."
Requires level 18

Eversnuggly Slippers

Legendary boots
80 armor
+20 agility
+14 stamina
"As if angels are softly kissing your feet with every step."
Requires level 18

The One Game

Legendary weapon
300-390 dmg
+230 strength
"Did you bring this? Cool game, bro!"
- Everyone
Requires level 18

Adventure Wristguard

Legendary bracers
150 armor
+30 intellect
+25 stamina
"You know what time it is?!"
Requires level 18

Good to know

Now you know. And knowing is half the battle.

Free parking at the door

We're at Vrijburg 2 in Amsterdam. Tram/bus stops are at walking distance and there's free parking at the door.

Payment by card

No more fiddling around with cash or having to pay up front. Simply pay by card before you leave the party.

Play = sweaty business

Luckily our HQ is equipped with airconditioning. Always bring an extra shirt and pair of socks though!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you fellas speak Klingon? Can I bring my pet turtle? Read to find out.

Is it weird if I sign up alone?

Nope. Not in the slightest. :)

We're all friendly folk and new people quickly feel at home at Funbase. Many of our 'regulars' first signed up alone and met new friends through our parties/meetups.

Can I join later than 14:30?

Of course! We open our doors at 14:30, but it's no problem at all if you join us later in the afternoon (or evening for that matter).

We serve dinner at around 19:00 and the rest of the day you're free to do and play whatever you want.

Which tabletop games are available to play?

Our game selection isn't HUGE, but that's mainly because we carefully curate the games we present. We prefer games that are easy to learn and hard to master. That way new players ánd experienced players get the most out of it.

Here's a list of our favourite board- and card games at the moment:

  • Exploding Kittens (card game)
  • Cards Against Humanity (card game)
  • Jungle Speed (card game)
  • Sushi GO! (card game)
  • Boss Monster (card game)
  • Munchkin (board game)
  • LEGO Creationary (board game)
  • Game of Thrones (board game)
  • Monopoly - World of Warcraft edition (board game)
  • Stratego (board game)
  • Life size JENGA and JENGA Boom! (tabletop game)
  • Stunt pilot Chewie (tabletop game)

Oh, and of course you can always bring your own game(s) if you want! If it's a nice Funbase fit, we'll definitely add it to our list.

Is this for new or experienced players?

Both actually.

It really doesn't matter how good or bad you are at playing these games. It's all about having a good time. Our game selection favours titles that are easy to learn but hard to master, so that both new ánd experienced players will have a good time.

What kind of food and drinks do you serve?

There will be something for everyone—ranging from super healthy to all kinds of guilty pleasures. When signing up, you can let us know if there are any food allergies or special requests we have to take into account.

Some dishes we made recently:

  • Spanish meal soup with chorizo and roasted paprika
  • Healthy lentil and celery soup
  • Pancakes with different toppings
  • Flame licked hamburgers
  • Minced chicken vegestables lasagne

Because we don't like wasting food, we only serve dinner for those who've signed up for it on time (at least one day before the event).