How it all started

What started as a crazy idea at our kitchen table is now an actual purpose driven company on a mission to help adults embrace their inner child & experience the wonderful, transformative powers of play.

We're currently not organising Funbase events

We're keeping this page up as a reminder of how things started, the dream we had and to showcase our lovely crew. Check out the Home page for more information about why we stopped organising events.

Because, why should kids have all the fun? :thinking_face:

We firmly believe that playfulness has no age restriction. Play is your authentic, pure, raw and genetically inherited super power. It's there, waiting for you to tap into. So, let's embrace it!

And remember; the opposite of play isn't work. It's depression.

True connection doesn't require WiFi :couple_with_heart:

In a world where even kids in primary school are starting to get burn-out, we want to promote the healing powers of play. The list of positive benefits is seemingly endless, but there's still so much terminal seriousness in todays society preventing grown-ups to fully indulge in play.

We put people before profits :chart_with_upwards_trend:

We want to offer people a safe space to truly be themselves, play and connect with like-minds. So nurturing our growing, open-minded tribe of playful adults is the main focus. We're not a sustainable business (yet), but that's just a matter of time.

From crazy idea to purpose driven business :seedling:

The seed for Funbase was born out our own pain of being play deprived and on the brink of burn-out. After a long journey of self-reflection we ended up at our kitchen table. Talking about the absurdity of play not being accepted when you reach a certain age. And wondering if there was a play space just for adults. We quickly found out there wasn't. And the rest is history.

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The Funbase team

We're a small outfit with big dreams.

Kai Brouwer

Kai Brouwer

Co-founder of Funbase, gamer and play enthusiast. Kai has over 10 years of experience in the field of user experience design and loves to come up with fresh creative ideas for Funbase.

He gets all nostalgic when you mention CS 1.6, (vanilla) WoW or 4-player split screen Perfect Dark on the N64.

Robin Brouwer

Robin Brouwer

Co-founder of Funbase, gamer and talented Ruby on Rails (web) developer. He runs everything web related and most of the community events inside and outside of Funbase HQ.

Ask him anything Zelda (or Nintendo) related and he’ll probably school you. He's also an avid hiker and enjoys bouldering.

Suzanne van Bart

Suzanne van Bart

Funbase fanatic, gamer & event host. Suus has been going to events at Funbase for years now and loves to help out where and when she can. She is enthusiastic about anything Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars... I mean the list can go on and on.

Suus is hopelessly addicted to Overwatch, loves playing board games and always up for something silly.

Freek Roelofsen

Freek Roelofsen

He is the guy with the epic moustache, an Olympic medal of the ball pit backstroke and fiancé of Suus. In Funbase you will find him roaming the ball pit like a pirate or playing a survival game on the first floor. PC or console, he doesn't discriminate.

Your go-to guy for any questions about the gaming area of Funbase. Hell, if you are not careful he will join you in a game. Freek is a full-on jack of all trades, master of none at being a nerd, working in IT or working with his hands. He knows something about a lot and a lot about nothing.

Tim Adema

Tim Adema

Road trip enthusiast, board game geek and tabletop Dungeon Master. Tim hails from the long lost age called "The 80's" and helps Funbase as the go-to guy about anything board game and tabletop related.

Always up for a philosophical chat, nerdy or otherwise, and will gladly talk your ears off when asked about anything related to 16-bit Nintendo, Cthulhu or Dungeons & Dragons. Can be bribed with lemon ice cream and something called 'bitterballs'.

Yavanna Puts

Yavanna Puts

Creative creature and talented illustrator. Yavanna helps out brainstorming fun ideas for events and supports the organisation when needed.

Yavanna loves to be in nature, enjoys cosplay & LARP and getting creative. She's Robin's girlfriend. They met each other at Funbase. :heart: