Let the good times roll

Leave your age at the door and let your inner child run wild. At Funbase you can truly unwind, play all kinds of board, video and live games & meet new friends.

Because why should kids get all the fun?!

Come visit our video & board game Valhalla in Amsterdam

Play ALL the games!

Funbase is a true indoor play space exclusive to big kids (aka adults), with tons of board games, video games, a huge ball pit and much more!

Meet new fun loving friends

We're not strangers. Simply friends you haven't met yet! Come say hi & meet like-minded folks while you play your favourite games.

Join the Funbase tribe

Think of us as a bar for people who don't like bars. Join us as a member and get weekly access to our video & board game club house.


What can you expect at Funbase?

There's over 230m2 of play space for you to explore! Think board game cafe meets old school LAN party at your friend's house. And then some.

Tabeltop party games :game_die:

We've got a wide selection of card & board games that you can play in our board game café on the ground floor. There's something in there for everyone; from quick & easy social deduction games to more complex strategy games for the hardcore tabletop player.

Check our Board Game Geek page for the full list.

Video game valhalla :video_game:

Our video game room is located on the 1st floor and has cozy corners with retro consoles, a large projection screen for party games, couch co-op station and last but definitely not least; two large tables with room for a total of 12 fully equipped gaming PC’s. What more can a gamer wish for?!

So, how about an old school LAN party? But without the hassle of installing & packing everything up? ;)

Let your inner child run wild :fire:

Come take a dive in our 4 x 4 meter ball pit specially made for big kids. The perfect place to hang out, talk life & let go of any stress you might have.

We also organise play meetups that'll make your kidult heart beat faster, like BuddyBuilders Gym and Dunesday—a day long outdoor adventure in the dunes with games like Dodgeball, Deathball (slow motion fighting awesomeness) & Kubb (Viking chess).

Press pause and breathe :herb:

Feel a bit overwhelmed and need some time alone? We've got you covered. Our zen room on the 2nd floor is designed for just that, with comfy chairs where you can enjoy a (comic) book, soak up some sunshine on the roof terrace or play with LEGO's (nostalgia much?).

in short; a peaceful little sanctuary for you to take a breather.

Upcoming play events

Our tavern of fun is open monthly on a Saturday for a fun theme party (and every Friday for a members only game night). You can check our Events page for all gatherings.

Back to Funbase

14:00 - 00:00 on Saturday, 21 September 2019

It's time to get back to school, back to work, but best of all: Back to Funbase! We're celebrating our reopening with lots of fun activities, tournaments and awesome people. Come join us!

and 24 others

Halloween Party

14:00 - 00:00 on Saturday, 2 November 2019

OoOOOoooOo... You are summoned to the base 'o fun for Halloween festivities. Grabbeth your costume and make haste!

Spacegasm + Stellaris LAN

14:00 - 00:00 on Saturday, 30 November 2019

Fire up your FTL drives and get yourselves to Funbase! It's time for another Spacegasm party.

"As a kid I often wished to be an adult. But as an adult I sometimes just want to be a kid again. Funbase gets that."

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Just some of the perks:

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  • Bring a new friend to the weekly Game Night on Fridays for only €10.
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  • ...and much, much more
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"We don't stop playing because we're too old. We grow old because we stop playing."
— George Bernard Shaw