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Back to Funbase

It's time to get back to school, back to work, but best of all: Back to Funbase! We're celebrating our reopening with lots of fun activities, tournaments and awesome people. Come join us!

Saturday, September 21st

Open: 14:00 - 00:00

€17,50 ticket price

20% discount for first-timers

Celebrating our reopening with the community!

This summer, we forged plans for Funbase to not only be for the community, but also run by the community! Some of our long standing members will now act as host, board & video game masters and help the Funbase family grow further. Expect monthly theme parties, even more fun activities and an overall improved Funbase experience.

We feel this deserves a party! So come celebrate with us! What better way to do so then with a Sumo Wrestling area, exciting Mario Kart & Overwatch tournaments, a Geek Trivia contest and more.

For dinner we'll be serving flame licked hamburgers straight from the BBQ (oh yes, the home cooked meals are back!). We will also serve a vegetarian option.

When you get to Asterweg 20, just follow the yellow lines on the road until you get to a playground. Enter the gate and Funbase will be on your left.

Doors open


Don't worry if you can't make it from the start. You're welcome to join in later if that works better for you.

Free play


Run, roll, jump & dive into a whirlwind of play for the big kids. We've got a sumo wrestling arena, huge ball pit, dancing area, board games, video games and plenty of other fun activities for you to enjoy.

Sumo Wrestling Arena


Put on a big suit and wrestle your way to victory! During the Back to Funbase party we'll have a special Sumo Wrestling arena. It's not only fun to do, but also extremely fun to look at.

Mario Kart 8 Tournament


Are you an expert in throwing turtle shells, dodging bananas and drifting like a boss? This tournament is for you! Show off your Mario Kart skills and try to keep the blue shells off your back to win some cool prizes



Brace yourself for delicious flame licked burgers straight off the grill and into your mouth hole.

Geek Trivia contest


Who's the biggest Geek at Funbase? Let's find out during our Geek Trivia contest! It's not only about the fame of being the geekiest of geeks. There will also be an awesome prize!

Overwatch Tournament


Are you an expert in bringing the payload home? Show off your skills at our Overwatch tournament. It's a Free for All, so the best player gets the prize!



Or if enough people want to stick around & play some more games; we'll keep the party going for a bit longer!


Who's joining?

Check out who's attending on Saturday the 21st of September 2019. Want to join? Then sign up before it's too late!

People who signed up are into:

Board games
Card games
Adventure games
Party games
Secret Hitler
Console gaming
Cards Against Humanity
Laser tag
Game of Thrones
Co-Operative Games
Creative stuff

Good to know

Now you know. And knowing is half the battle.

Free parking at the door

We're at Asterweg 20N in Amsterdam. Bus stops and the ferry from Amsterdam Central are at walking distance and there's free parking at the door.

Payment by card

No more fiddling around with cash or having to pay up front. Simply pay by card before you leave the party.

Bring your own game(s)

We have lots of games for you to play, but you're more than welcome to bring your own. If it's a hit we'll probably add the game to the Funbase collection.

Let's play!

Ready to join us? Then be sure to sign up! Still got any questions for us? No worries! Check out our FAQ.