Sunday Funday

Sunday the 13th of December 2015

It was an awesome day super charged with free play, all kinds of gaming tournaments and (more) challenging board/card games. This is how you spend a lazy Sunday. Funbase style. ;)

Funbase party #6

Saturday the 12th of December 2015

Winter had come. And we all needed a boost of vitamin PLAY to get through the dark December days. Many new happy faces, live music and a huge box of LEGO's made this party even more special. Thank you all for attending. You rock! ♥

Funbase Pixelcake edition #1

Sunday the 8th of November 2015

We hosted a special party together with Pixelcake. Members of their lovely community came over to enjoy a day of play at Funbase. Same ingredients, but with an extra dose of WiiU/PS4 party games and tournaments. Made for an awesome day! :)

Funbase party #5

Saturday the 7th of November 2015

Our first ~weekend long~ party was a slam dunk succes! On Saturday over 30 playful adults enjoyed a day full of free play, games, laughs and good food. Thank you for attending! You guys rock. <3

Funbase party #4

Saturday the 3rd of October 2015

I know.....I know...we use the word awesome a lot. But party #4 was frikkin' AWESOME! We love our little tribe of playful Funbosses for making it such a magical day. Check out the photo's! :D