Martijn Slegers

What makes me happy is having fun with friends, playing games or drawing/reading! If there is room for co-operation or creativity: I am game! :D

What I love the most about Funbase

"Funbase seems to bring kids of all ages together to have fun and unwind :) What could be better?"

My all-time favourite games

  1. 1. Ark: Survival Evolved
  2. 2. Minecraft
  3. 3. Heroes of the Storm
  4. 4. Guild Wars 2
  5. 5. Trine Franchise

I get nostalgic about these things

Games played and enjoyed as a kid still have that insane nostalgia-vibe when I think about them again. For example: Goldeneye 64, Mario Kart (SNES and N64), Secret of Mana, Diddy Kong Racing, Age of Empires III, Dino Crisis (PS), etc. :D


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Saturday the 6th of February 2016

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