Enzo van der Sloot

Work hard, be kind and amazing things will happen are words I like to live by.

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Let's play a game together

  • Steam lcm_enzo
  • EBS #21747

Currently ♥ playing

Clash of Clans
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
League of Legends

I'm interested in

Board games
Card games
Co-Operative Games
PC gaming

My all-time favourite games

  1. 1. Call of Duty 4
  2. 2. GTA IV
  3. 3. Portal 2
  4. 4. 140
  5. 5. Spelunky

I get nostalgic about these things

GTA SA:MP, Super Mario Football and Grilled cheese

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What I love the most about Funbase

"It's never too late to have fun!"