Call of the Inner Child

Imagine your 7 year old self. Where has she or he gone? Sadly, most of us lose track of that awesome tiny person. We know we did..

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Monday, September 18th

time TBA

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€1.250,– Ticket price

(depends on accommodation type)

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Castel Campo

Italian Alps

Answer the call

Together with our friends at Wondermore, we invite you on a transformational journey that combines play, adventure, vulnerability and other sources of nourishment for you to answer the call of your inner child and realise your full potential.

You will play games, go on outdoor adventures, learn about empathy and non violent communication, dance, tell stories by the fire, and meet other playful souls that will become lifelong friends. Oh yeah, there will also be plenty of time to rest and unwind.

More info on the event here.


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